19 Cute Halloween Gifts for Toddlers

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Looking for the best Halloween gifts for toddlers? We’ve handpicked 25 fun and creative Halloween-themed gifts that will get your little ones ages 1-3 excited for the spooky festivities.

With books, costumes, pumpkins, plush toys, and more, these toddler gift ideas will spark their imagination and curiosity this Halloween season.

Halloween Gifts for Toddlers

Halloween Books

Ten Timid Ghosts


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Surround your toddler with spooky stories to get them excited leading up to Halloween. There are lots of fun board books and picture books about Halloween that are perfect for ages 1-3.

Good toddler Halloween books include lots of bright pictures on thick board pages.

Classic titles like Ten Timid Ghosts, Five Little Pumpkins, and The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything are fun for the holiday. Reading builds vocabulary and inspires creative play.

Halloween Costumes

MICHLEY Unisex Baby Hooded Romper Winter Flannel Jumpsuit 24-30months, Cartoon Cosplay Costume, Penguin


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Now is the time for toddlers to really flex their creative muscles and pretend play. A costume lets them take on a new character and role, whether it’s a magical princess, a silly monster, or their favourite superhero.

Look for costumes that are simple and comfortable, without itchy fabrics or complicated fastenings.

Bonus points if it includes a cool hat, cloak, or prop accessories they can incorporate into imaginative play all season long.

Pumpkin Decorating Supplies

Toddlers will have a blast decorating their own mini pumpkins with safe decorating tools.

Look for a small pumpkin they can handle, and gather stickers, paint, or markers made especially for pumpkin decorating.

Supervise closely to keep the mess contained. Display their jack-o-lantern creation for the whole family to enjoy some spooky decor.

Plush Halloween Toys

JOYIN Halloween Stuffed Plush Toys Set, 3 Pack Halloween Stuffed Plush Dolls(Ghost, Pumpkin & Bat), Best Gift Suitable for Party Favors, Exchange, Carnival Game Prizes


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At this age, you can never go wrong with a cuddly plush toy. Stuffies make great companions for imaginary play.

Look for Halloween-themed plush creatures like ghosts, vampires, black cats, and jack-o-lanterns.

Carry them around for on-the-go fun. Or, set up story time with a cast of spooky stuffie characters.

Trick or Treat Bag/Bucket

2 Pack Glowing Halloween Bucket, Trick or Treat Bags with LED Lights, Pumpkin Grimace Halloween Candy Bags for Kids Halloween Party Supplies



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Having their own Halloween bag or pumpkin bucket brings the traditions to life. Let them decorate it with stickers, markers, or iron-on patches.

Come Halloween night, they’ll be so excited to go door to door showing it off as they collect candy and treats.

Consider adding glow sticks or personalized name tags.

Spooky Music

Kids Halloween Party / Various


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Set the mood for Halloween with fun music playlists or toddler-friendly Halloween CDs. Do dance parties in the living room to get in the mood.

There are lots of child-friendly Halloween songs that introduce concepts like costumes, bats, monsters, and counting.

Play them in the car or at home leading up to the main event.

Outdoor Fun

Have a blast celebrating the season with some outdoor play activities.

Set up DIY fun like a bubble machine or Halloween sidewalk chalk for drawing ghosts, spiders, and haunted houses.

String up Halloween lights or decorations outdoors they can help with.

Play dress-up and act out stories with costumes and props outside.

Halloween Craft Supplies

Klever Kits Halloween Kids DIY Arts and Craft Coloring Pumpkin Kit for Kids DIY Craft and Halloween Art Activities


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Stock up on Halloween art supplies like stickers, stencils, glitter, and paper.

Simple crafts like decorating paper bags for trick or treating or making black cat masks let toddlers work on fine motor skills while exploring spooky themes.

Gather blank card stock and show them how to fold and decorate their own Halloween greeting cards.

Themed Play Dough Mats

Roll out Halloween-themed play dough tools and mats for tactile fun.

Let toddlers mould jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and witches.

Adding small manipulatives like beads, sequins, or pasta shapes enhances the play experience.

Supervise closely so pieces don’t end up in mouths or noses! Display their creations for parents to see.

Magnets and Felt Boards

Magnetic scene sets and felt boards with Halloween motifs inspire open-ended play. Mix and match the pieces to invent stories.

Move characters and props around the board and makeup adventures.

Play out what happens when the skeleton meets the witch at the haunted house using different voices for fun role-play practice.

Halloween Puzzles

Halloween Puzzles for Kids, 100 Piece Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles for Toddler Children Halloween Learning Preschool Educational Puzzles Halloween Toys 4-8 Years Old for Boys and Girls

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Jigsaw puzzles with big pieces are perfect for practicing hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Look for Halloween themes like jack-o-lanterns, black cats, ghosts, and haunted houses. Start with wooden puzzles or ones with large knobs, then work up to simple jigsaws.

Toddlers feel so proud piecing the puzzles together on their own.

Themed Lights

Halloween String Lights 15 FT 30 LED Halloween Decorations Lights Indoor Outdoor Halloween Lights Battery Operated Fairy String Lights Halloween Pumpkin Ghost Bat Lights for Halloween Party Decor


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String lights instantly make any space more exciting.

Look for Halloween lights shaped like pumpkins, ghosts, bats, or spiders.

Use them to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, or front porches. Add ambiance to family Halloween movie nights or spooky outdoor play.

Plus, they’re easy to pack away and reuse year after year.

Halloween Baking Supplies

Wilton Pumpkin Non-Stick Mini Ghost, Cake, Pan, One Size, Assorted



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Head to the kitchen to whip up some Halloween goodies together. Bake spooky-shaped sugar cookies using fun cookie cutters.

Decorate cupcakes with tasty orange, black, and green frosting. Search for ghost or pumpkin-shaped cake pans for whipping up festive desserts.

Let toddlers mix, measure, and decorate to build math skills.

Non-Candy Treats

While Halloween night will surely bring candy, pick up some non-candy treats to fill up trick-or-treat bags too.

Stickers, spider rings, temporary tattoos, Halloween erasers, glow sticks, and more make great alternatives.

Hand them out on Halloween, or use them as prizes for games leading up to the big event.

Halloween Memory Match Game

Pango Halloween Memory - fun education, Matching memory game for kids: Find hidden ghosts, memorize & match pairs



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Memory match games build concentration, observation, and memory skills.

Use spooky-themed cards with pictures on one side and words on the other. Take turns flipping over two cards at a time trying to find a match.

This is a great rainy-day activity and a screen-free option for indoor play.

Halloween-Themed Bath Toys

Halloween Party Favors 20PCS Rubber Ducks Bath Toys Assorted Duckies for Kids Halloween Decor Trick or Treat Goodie Bag Fillers Halloween Party Supplies Birthday Gifts Halloween Party Decorations

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Make bath time ghoulish and fun with Halloween bath toys such as floating jack-o-lantern cups, ghost squirts, witch rubber duckies, or foam puzzles.

Add plastic spiders, eyeballs, and other toys for a gross and silly soak. Brimming bathtub with bubbles then turn off the lights for glowing play.

Halloween Sensory Bin

HADDIY Halloween Sensory Bin Filler,300 Pcs Mini Acrylic Pumpkin Ghost Skull Gems Vase Fillers for Halloween Centerpieces Table Decorations,Table Scatters,Preschool Counting and Craft
300 pcs Halloween Sensory Bin Fillers


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Fill bins and bottles with Halloween-colored water, glitter, beads, pom poms, and themed plastic toys.

Add scoops, droppers, sifters, and containers for pouring and transferring.

Great for practicing hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Use words to describe textures, quantities, and colours. Rinse and reuse items.

Spooky Figurines

Collectible Halloween figurines make festive room decor toddlers will love.

Pick classic monsters like vampires, mummies, werewolves, and zombies or more kid-friendly options like skeletons or jack-o-lanterns.

Display them on shelves they can help decorate or use for storytelling adventures.

Glow in the Dark Fun

Ceiling Orbs Glow in The Dark Sticky Halloween Night Light USB Pumpkin Panel with A Base Bedside Lamp Unique Decorative Led Light Flexible Led Lighting Products Neon (F, One Size)


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Make ordinary play glow-tastic with glow-in-the-dark gear. Choose spooky-themed items like flashlights, necklaces, building blocks, or orb nightlights.

Play hide and seek, read ghost stories together using a flashlight in a dark room, or use glow-building toys for nocturnal fort-making.

Halloween-Themed Dinnerware


The Nightmare Before Christmas 16-Piece Dinnerware Set | Ceramic Dish Set
Nightmare Before Christmas Dinnerware Set


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Make mealtimes spirited with Halloween dishes and dinnerware. Pick up pumpkin or ghost-shaped plates, cups, bowls, and utensils.

Decorate with spiderweb tablecloths, LED candlesticks, napkin rings, and placemats.

Use divided plates or bowl sections to teach sorting, patterns, and colours using thematic designs.

Halloween Gifts for Toddlers Key Takeaways

With so many fun and festive finds to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Halloween gifts that will make your toddler’s face light up with excitement.

Gifts that spark the imagination through pretend play, storytelling and hands-on activities let little ones soak up all the Halloween magic at their own pace.

Before you know it, they’ll be ready to take on their first Halloween as active participants. With the right gifts to set the mood, the entire season becomes a new world of exploration and discovery.

Fun Halloween Gifts for Toddlers


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